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    Read Psalm 127. We find God’s description of the proper family attitudes, in these verses. As we go through it verse by verse, we will see how this compares to what the world is trying to get us to accept.

    In verse one, the true foundation of any successful enterprise is found, whether it be the home or the city. Who/what is it? Jesus Christ uses much the same concept in His teaching in Matthew 7:24-27. Before going on, consider if you are building on the proper foundation.

    Turn to I Cor. 3:10-15. In which ways does this passage apply to the subject of the family?

    Verse two of Psalm 127 describes in succinct detail the “workaholic” attitudes of so many in today’s world. Why are they making work into a “god”? What can they hope to accomplish through their working 60 and more hours a week? When we spend so much time at work, there is no doubt that our relationships with other members of our family will suffer, Is this God’s plan for the family? Only within the last hundred years or so has this become a great problem. Discuss the reasons this is so. Think particularly of the inventions which have turned night into day, and given us much greater physical control of the land and climate we live in.

    Today’s great battles and news regarding medical treatments to conceive and remove children from the womb, are brought into view in verse three. Why do so many people desire not to have children? Does it have anything to do with the loss of lifestyle?

    Consider those who are having trouble conceiving. What are some of the probable causes for such problems? Could it be they are trying to control the timing too much? Some women who have used the pill have reported they had to be off the pill for nearly as long as they were on it before they conceived. Who is really in control of a woman’s fertility?

    Consider verse four. What does the Lord indicate Is the proper time for the bearing of children? How does our society influence or encourage a different timing for this? Discuss what the Lord means in comparing children to arrows of a “warrior/mighty hunter.”

    The comparison of children to arrows is continued in verse five. What is the point of comparison used? Here again, our society, heavily influenced by “social Darwinism,” would discourage our living in accord with God’s will. It is interesting that those who are “fittest and best” (i.e. the strongest, smartest. or richest) are the ones who seem to have the least children. This appears to be a contradiction between their views and their actions. At the same time, we, especially women, are told that our work is more important than having children. On the other hand, what greater privilege is there than to raise up children in the way they shall go, that they may influence for the good those in the world? Too many are coerced out of being merely a homemaker; a mother of children in the home. Some have overcome this roadblock by renaming their occupation as “domestic engineer.” Others are finding the joy and rewards of teaching their own children at home.

    Scripture also gives us the history of a couple who would fit right in today with their child bearing problems and what they did to try to relieve them. Read Genesis 16:1-6. Who was having the problem? What was their response to being unable to have children? This is just like the “surrogate mothering,” taking place today. Notice that this didn’t work out as well as originally believed. What were the major problems?

    What solution was attempted to resolve the disruption within the family? How was this not a real solution?

    If considered in the light of the best and fittest being the ones who should survive and bear the most children – Abraham seems to have failed miserably. Only as he becomes 100 does he finally have the son God long promised. See Gen. 21:1-5.
    This son, Isaac was to be the father of a great nation. Read Gen. 25:20-28. He, too, doesn’t get off to a great start. His wife is also barren, until God opens her womb. Then she has twins. One of these sells his birthright, and is cheated out of his blessing. Only the other – Jacob – is to be of the chosen line. In three generations, we have found only one person carrying forward God’s plan. He did not need the strongest, part of the largest family, nor the richest to carry out his plan.

    So it is today. He works with each of us, sinners that we are, to bring His message of salvation to the lost world. Read what He has to say about His own methods In I Cor. 1:18-25.

    To close out this study, reread Psalm 127 and give God thanks for His guidance and mercy in your lives.

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