Author: Ian Taylor MammothWhen claims are made that certain animals known only by their fossils are “extinct,” all that is really meant is that no living specimens have been found. For example, the oceans are the least explored area of this pl...

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Author: Ian Taylor The Source of C-14 The earth’s atmosphere is bombarded with cosmic rays thought to originate from our sun. The earth’s magnetic field serves to protect us from most of these cosmic rays. When the nucleus of a nitrogen atom (...

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Author: Ian Taylor 1. Feathers are highly specialized organs and the distinguishing feature of birds. Even the flightless penguin is classified as a bird because of its feathers. Part of the bird’s anatomy is a furcula or “wishbone” and usually a st...

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1. Archaeopteryx means “early wing” and is the paleontologist’s Rosetta stone seemingly providing the perfect evidence for the otherwise elusive transition creatures which should fill the rocks with their fossil remains. First discovered...

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Author: Ian Taylor 1. What did dinosaurs look like? The great French “father of paleontology,” Georges Cuvier (1769-1832), established the method of comparative anatomy. This method depends upon knowing the relationship between living creatur...

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Author: Ian Taylor Dinosaurs hold a particular fascination for many people, particularly children, and the great beasts have come to exemplify a pre-historic Reptile Age of 60 million years ago. These vast ages are essential for the theory of evolution an...

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Author: Brad T. Bromling Does the Bible mention dinosaurs specifically? A study of two Hebrew words (behemoth and leviathan) opens the door to that possibility. There are three possible explanations for the identity of these creatures: (1) they were unrea...

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