Viewpoint of Mark Cadwallader, Creation Moments Board Chairman

    I’ve got exciting news and wanted you to be the first to know! God is now giving Creation Moments the opportunity to GREATLY increase our outreach to some 900 million people in China, Singapore, Cuba, the Caribbean and South America! Imagine – almost a billion new people who will hear Creation Moments broadcasts for the first time!

    Last year, our “Hope for Korea” outreach brought the gospel and Creation Truth to millions of people in that part of the world. But now, we have far greater expectations of a bountiful harvest through our partnership with Trans World Radio!

    Let’s break it down by region…

    Outreach #1:
    Reaching 800 million Mandarin-speaking people
    in China with the Gospel and Biblical Creation!

    We are having our broadcasts translated so that over 800 million first-language Mandarin-speaking people will be able to listen to Creation Moments in their native tongue. Our program will be broadcast from Guam every day of the week, weekends included! As you probably know, China is a vast nation where the gospel is prohibited and Christians are persecuted. Missionaries (at great risk of their lives) and radio are two of the only ways for the gospel to be propagated throughout China, and TWR has led the way in reaching China with the gospel. We thank God for this opportunity to join TWR in reaching out to the 800 million people in China!

    In addition to the 260 programs we will be translating and airing, Creation Moments will receive both audio files and text files of the broadcasts so that we can use these materials in other ways on an ongoing basis. So, for example, we can post these materials on our website to benefit Mandarin-speaking people all over the world!

    Outreach #2:
    Extending our outreach to over 6 million
    English-speaking people in Singapore!

    Though we won’t have to translate our programs for use in Singapore, we still need to raise money to pay for airtime over the brand new FM station operating out of Batam, Indonesia. This is an exciting opportunity to reach approximately 6 million people on the island nation of Singapore. Our program will air Monday through Friday during drive time. Our core audience there consists of Asians (Singaporean, Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Indonesian, etc.) who live in an urban environment in a large city.

    Outreach #3:
    Reaching 82.4 million Spanish-speaking people
    in Cuba, South America and many Caribbean nations!

    Through our partnership with Trans World Radio, we will proclaim the Gospel of Christ to 82.4 million people in Cuba, the Caribbean and South America. And we will teach Biblical Creation to those who are being indoctrinated with godless evolution.

    Our partnership with TWR means that millions of people in this part of the globe will hear the same messages we broadcast every weekday in the US. By broadcasting over TWR’s Bonaire transmitter, we will impact families and individuals listening to their radios in Cuba, an area in desperate need of the Gospel. In addition, we will reach such nations as Jamaica, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Belize, Honduras, Columbia, Venezuela, Brazil, and many other nations that are hungry for the Gospel and Biblical Truth.

     These three new outreaches give you
    a special opportunity to serve God!

    As with any outreach of this scope, these new endeavors require funding that surpasses our general operating expenses. In other words, we need your help!

    These new outreaches go far beyond our previous “Hope for Korea” outreach, so we need to raise $29,000 to cover all of our expenses related to broadcasting Creation Moments to China, Singapore, Cuba, South America and many nations throughout the Caribbean.

    Can you help us reach our goal with a gift of $50, $100, $500 or more? We are trusting the Lord to meet this need, and we are asking our Creation Moments family to help us raise the necessary funds.

    To thank you for your gift of $50 or more, we will send you a copy of the 400-page book A Closer Look at the Evidence (English or Spanish edition). This book is designed as a resource to both reinforce our faith and facilitate sharing the reasons for our faith with others. The book is filled with hundreds of evidences – one or more per page! – showing that biblical creation is true and evolution is a myth.

    Or, if you’d prefer, we’ll send you the 142-page God’s Promise to the Chinese. Among other things, the authors show that the inventor of the original Chinese characters, inscribed on tortoise shells and bones, knew and believed in an identical account of creation and earth’s beginnings as found in the Hebrew sacred Scriptures!

    We have been blessed beyond measure here in America, Canada and other nations with the opportunity to hear the Gospel and learn about Biblical Creation. But the people of China and Cuba are oppressed by their government and desperately need the gospel of Christ. In addition, all of the areas we will be reaching through these three new TWR initiatives will hear solid evidences for Biblical Creation! So I’m asking you to do two things: Pray that God will use these new outreaches for His glory … and donate by sending in the attached card with your tax-deductible donation today!

    P.S. As I mentioned, for your donation of $50 or more, I will send you the book A Closer Look at the Evidence (English or Spanish edition). I will also send you the highly acclaimed God of Wonders DVD, filled with even more amazing evidences of God’s workmanship. (English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese soundtracks included.)

    If you are unable to donate $50 or more but still want to be a part of our three new outreaches through TWR, the God of Wonders DVD is yours for a donation of $10 or more.

    To take part in Creation Moments’ three new outreaches, simply click here to make  your donation online… or call us toll-free at 1-800-422-4253 during regular office hours.


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