Viewpoint of Mark Cadwallader, Creation Moments Board Chairman

    A new crop of liberal lawmakers in state and national government have made news recently with their proposals for unlimited abortion – even infanticide! They’ve also made news with a comprehensive and hugely expensive “climate change fix” by way of an entirely new social and economic system. The political left is becoming increasingly bold and noisy.

    Until recently, those attacking the capitalist system as the cause of “global warming” have been intentionally vague as to what will replace it if we are to solve the problem. But the curtain is being drawn back, and the new system is being revealed. What they want to achieve is hardcore socialism as Karl Marx defined it – the necessary transitional phase before true, complete communism (i.e., no private property, no families, no individualism).

    “Climate change” has always been a front for redistributing wealth from rich countries to poor ones. And like evolutionism, climate change is another “agenda driven science”, or rather pseudo-science. This is why the United Nations has published skewed annual reports supporting it – year after year. It has become a religious view to many people – just like evolution.

    The primary message of many progressive legislators is that climate change is caused by capitalism, and merely attempting to reform capitalism will not stop global warming. “We must change the system,” they say, “if we really want to save the planet!”

    Most countries we tend to think of as “communist” actually self-define themselves as “socialist”. For example, the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) was – as its name reveals – socialist. We are not talking about some kind of soft-hearted semi-capitalism, but rather the same type of socialism one finds in places generally thought of as communist. In communism, the State replaces God – and Christianity is repressed because true Christianity encourages freedom. This is the norm in both North Korea and Communist China, for example.

    While abortion became legal in the United States in 1973, communist Russia became the first country in the world to officially legalize abortion in all circumstances – and that was back in 1920! The Bolsheviks did this in a decree for abortion on request and at no cost. With atheism as the official religion of the State, it should come as no surprise that communist societies have led the world in extinguishing human life – the image of God – both in the womb and out … a culture of death versus a culture of life.

    Evolution as intellectual justification for godlessness and for disbelief in the Bible – indeed, for all kinds of foolishness – is at the heart of a culture war taking place in the modern world today.

    Many well-meaning but unaware parents send their kids off for four years to imbibe hedonistic, socialistic, degenerative and anti-biblical doctrines … and pay a hefty sum for them to do so. Over and over, research has shown that the vast majority of college campuses are communities of “shared sacred values” that are culturally and politically leftist – often radically so. “Social justice” (defined as equality of outcome) and “tolerance” for all things liberal are what really matter!

     How have we let these academic institutions become so taken over by the radical left? In fact, it seems there has been a determined effort to do so.

    The Marxist Antonio Gramsci wrote many years ago of a “quiet” socialist revolution – one that would transform a culture from within by changing the worldview of the academies and of each and every institution in society. He cautioned that this would be “a long march through the institutions” and specifically targeted Christianity as the greatest philosophical adversary along the way. One of the great supports to this “long march” has been evolutionism. Indeed, Friedrich Engels, who with Karl Marx was a founder of communism, wrote of how Darwin’s theory bolstered the foundations of their materialistic philosophy. He also famously eulogized Marx by saying: “Just as Darwin discovered the law of evolution in organic nature, so Marx discovered the law of evolution in human history.”

    Take note that the 1963 Congressional Record listing of 45 declared communist goals included the one numbered #17 – Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations.

    Modern secularists and progressives are promoting a creeping godless vision which wants government ownership and control to ensure equality of outcomes. In addition, they want the abolition of absolute morality founded on Judeo-Christian religion. We are not supposed to argue anything on the basis of moral principle but only on the basis of pragmatism. Why? Because God is said not to be “scientific” per evolution, while godlessness supposedly is.

    Christian adults – and not just young people in school – need to be students all our lives, learning so as to engage the culture. That’s why as Christians we need to be familiar with the flaws of evolution and the truth of creation science through books, DVDs and other media that “institutions of higher learning” ignore – and study our Bibles!

     We encourage you to be “strong in the Lord”, to “put on the full armor of God” and to be ambassadors for the truth of God. By offsetting the lies of institutions infected with false philosophy and rebellion, you will be doing what you can on a local level to fight this battle that we can’t afford to lose!

    But there’s another way you can fight this battle on both a national and worldwide level. Your prayers and your donations to Creation Moments make it possible for our vital work to continue … and we thank you for standing and partnering with us! Keep on reading to see a valuable resource we will send you when you make a donation to our ministry this month.

    In closing, I want you to know what a joy and a blessing it is to labor with you at this pivotal time in history! God bless you for your bold stance on Biblical Truth and the Gospel!

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