Viewpoint of Mark Cadwallader, Creation Moments Board Chairman

    Did God create, and is the Bible credible, or do time and chance account for all we see? The Creation vs. Evolution debate is a crucial struggle for the hearts and minds of young and old, with far-reaching consequences. Evolution undergirds the anti-God humanism and many of the great deceptions which afflict our world today.

    This is a critically important time! “Viewpoint suppression” (censorship) has become routine in academia, media, big tech, and the government. And it is on the rise worldwide as well as in the United States. Much of our current situation began with the successful suppression of biblical creation truth. This led to more God-denial and the rise of false philosophies like communism and socialism.

    People are not sure what to believe or who to trust. Even though this plague of confusion spreads across our culture, Creation Moments is right here … and we were especially busy in 2020! Our mission, after all, is to glorify God by presenting scientific evidence for the literal truth of the Bible. And this means “teaching all nations” as Jesus taught us in the Great Commission.

    In March of this year, we began producing programs in the Korean language and started broadcasting them, along with our English programs, over the Transworld Radio transmitter in Guam. From that transmitter, we reach into Russia, Mongolia, China, North and South Korea. Radio outreach continues to be our largest outreach and main focus.

    We also continued to expand our outreach in Spanish this year and our outreach through “new” media available worldwide. The English and Spanish Daily Creation Moments are available at via email each morning, on the Creation Moments app,, (TWR360) … and even more are coming in the coming year!

    We continue to produce new transcripts for the Creation Moments weekday radio broadcast and produced this year a new collection of video programs as well Moments with God’s Creation Volume 4, available at

    The Great Commission consists of both leading people to faith in Christ and “teaching (discipling) nations (people groups)”. Not only are we, through the Holy Spirit, helping them become Christians but we help them become better Christians! This is the second part of the Great Commission that has been neglected in the 60 years since the cultural revolution of the 1960s.

    The Great Commission, therefore, means that we provide biblical truth to educate all people, and not abdicate the culture. It means pushing back against the advance of godlessness – in all sectors that make up modern culture, including science. Thus, at Creation Moments, we have continued to support Christian schooling and homeschooling as well as individuals and church bodies with our materials.

    People need to know the truth of the Bible and believe in Jesus. So I ask you this: How much is it worth for them to know the truth and to have that truth set them free? I believe it is worth far more than any amount of money, for it has eternal value. Many of us invest in stocks, bonds or bullion, whatever yields us the most monetary profit. Yet, would you consider a greater investment? – an investment in eternity? There are so many people today who are lost, confused and in desperate need of God’s truth. Their eternal life is hanging in the balance!

    It is through the gifts of those like you who believe in this ministry that we are able to continue investing God’s truth into the lives of people. Would you prayerfully consider a special year-end gift? Together we can continue to make an impact for the Kingdom of God! Thank you so very much for your prayers and your support.

    May God richly bless you in this coming year!


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