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    In the run-up to the final confrontation called Armageddon, the Bible tells us: “And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates, and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared” (Revelation 16:12).

    In Scripture, the Euphrates River of the post-Flood world is metaphorical of a dividing line between the Kingdom of this World and the Kingdom of Christ. It divides between hostile northern/eastern kingdoms and the land God promised to the descendants of Abraham (Genesis 15:18). The 19th century theologian C.J. Ellicott notes in his New Testament Commentary: “There is a great interposed boundary of public opinion which restrains evil from breaking forth in its ruder and more violent forms.” When that “boundary” of public opinion disappears, the way is opened up for more intrusion of shameless evil and unbelief.

    In his 1878 book Modern Unbelief: Its Principles and Characteristics, Ellicott also noted that the Theory of Evolution was such an event which broke a boundary and freed unbelief from its restraints. He wrote: “Unbelief is now assuming a much more earnest tone. Its effects are much more dangerous, and the change as far as regards its influence against the popular teaching of Christianity, very gravely for the worse. It professes to suggest answers to all deeper questions that lie within the realm of the knowable.”

    As we move deeper into “the end-times”, we see the escalation of both good and evil, of greater illumination of grace and truth and a greater display of evil in its “ruder forms”. For example, evolution, godlessness and “survival of the fittest” have emboldened unbelief to greater degrees of depravity. At the same time, the increased preaching of biblical truth and the work of the Holy Spirit are leading to a great harvest of souls. Creation Moments is participating in this work with the launch of our new outreach to the millions of people in North and South Korea!

    As I mentioned a few months ago, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) under Xi Jinping has been leading a renewed effort of totalitarian oppression. They have been aggressively bulldozing churches and rolling back Christian freedoms in China. This is in response to the multitudes of people who became Christians after the relaxation in the 1980s of Mao Zedong’s oppressive tactics. Communism, an ideology heavily supported by evolutionism, is once again taking its toll among Christians in China.

    Communist countries of the Far East, including China and North Korea, have the majority of the world’s “Religiously Unaffiliated” people (i.e., atheists and agnostics). Leaders in these and neighboring countries could very well be “the kings of the east” referred to in Revelation 16:12 , advancing across “the Euphrates River”.

    Indeed, the Coronavirus Pandemic is evidence of the truly malignant effects of communism by the world power of mainland China.  The brash lies, shameless censorship and hostile tactics from Chinese authorities who knew what was happening at the outset of the virus are breathtaking in their audacity and scope – in effect, throwing the whole world into a tailspin. A new kind of war, “Unrestricted Warfare”, is emerging, describing an onslaught of disinformation and economic destruction to rearrange the world order. And the “fix” for many people is bigger government, global coordination, and global control. Will a world leader emerge who can unite us all?

    Reasoning from the materialist base of evolutionism leads to apathy or despair. It is the path to a value system which boils down to nothing but “personal comfort” and “personal affluence” – in the words of the late Christian philosopher, Francis Schaeffer. As he also observed, Christian freedoms without a Christian base produces chaos and hedonism. There are two alternatives to the ensuing chaos: (1) Society gets more authoritarian (more external control), or (2) Society affirms the original source of freedom – God’s revelation in the Bible and in Christ (revival and the Great Commission)!

    Leftists/Marxists in free societies have adopted a policy of incremental socialism – by “evolution” rather than “revolution”. Their actions are bold and steady. They have already achieved a great deal of control over the public school curriculum, censoring the teaching of Creation Science and even Intelligent Design. They are forcing the teaching of Evolutionism as FACT, even with all of its flawed and debunked arguments! According to their worldview, God is not part of the curriculum because He is not “scientific” … but they have no issues with teaching evolution and the godlessness it promotes.

    Public education has also largely adopted revisionist history. Howard Zinn’s

    A People’s History – a thoroughly leftist extremist history of the United States first published in 1980 – has sold more than 2.5 million copies and can be found in virtually every school district, university and public library. It describes America as an evil nation whose every advance came at others’ expense. There is even a version for younger children as well, published in 2007. But the history reads like you would expect to see in communist propaganda about the United States. And yet, this has become mainstream.

    All the more reason that parents should consider alternatives to public education such as Christian schools and homeschooling! A silver lining which has come out of the pandemic shutdowns is the increased numbers of parents who have been exposed to the benefits of homeschooling. Did you know that the elimination of homeschooling and other alternatives to public school education is one of the 45 Goals of the Communist Party in America, as documented in the January 10, 1963 Congressional Record?

    ​C.J. Ellicott was correct when he wrote in the late 19th century about how evolution had unleashed a new level of bold, shameless Unbelief. It was indeed a crossing of the metaphorical Euphrates River boundary of the promised kingdom. And with the bold tactics of communist powers and leftist politicians, there is a similar crossing over the line to a new level of bold defiance against righteousness and truth!

    For over 55 years, Creation Moments has confronted and opposed those who wage war against God. Frankly, my friend, I have never seen the world as dark and as godless as it is today. But despite the darkness, I have hope because I see the day approaching when the Light of the World returns to make all things right! Time is short, and I pray that you will continue to help our ministry bring the Gospel and hope to people who are in desperate need of both!

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