Viewpoint of Mark Cadwallader, Creation Moments Board Chairman

    Do you believe that a boy can become a girl? Or vice versa? Do you believe that kids have the right to irreparably alter their outward sexual physicality with chemicals and surgeries? Do you believe this makes sense if for years they’ve had to wait till age 18 or 21 to even buy alcohol, get a tattoo, or vote? Do you believe that the AMA, the FDA, many hospitals, doctors, and medical schools are above the corrupting influence of money, false philosophies, and intimidation?

    Lies, leading to irrational depravity, dominate our fallen world. As we’ve frequently discussed before, this is the way of Satan, “the father of lies” and “the god of this world”. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn made popular the saying “Live Not By Lies” – the title of an essay he was able to publish on the day he was arrested and sent to the Gulags. In the essay, he argues that to defeat lies, people should simply not participate in them – to whatever extent possible. When people don’t participate in lies, the lies can’t proliferate.

    Do you believe that “white supremacy is the greatest source of terrorism”? Do you believe that we should do away with races and all “identity groups” being equal under the law – the classic American and Christian principle of “equality”? Do you believe instead that we should favor the Marxist Critical Theory principle of “equity” – where races and different identity groups are actually unequal and have different criteria under the law?

    These are more lies, and they are fueling identity politics and class warfare on the basis of race and other supposed victim groups such as LGBTQIA-xyz. Coming from Marxist theory, they have a Marxist goal of subversion and destruction of the Christian bases of Western Civilization. That’s what the purpose for Karl Marx was, which we seem to have forgotten once the Cold War was won in 1989. And it continued as the purpose for later Marxist theorists of the early 20th century who developed the idea of “using the sex drive as an instrument of destruction” and of making Western Civilization so corrupt, it “stinks”.1

    And that is why it is good to be reminded of what has been happening in the years since 1989, as Curtis Bower’s award-winning Christian documentary, Agenda: Grinding America Down, did 13 years ago. We are happy to offer this DVD to you this month, as it refers to Karl Marx’s delight in the “science” of evolution to support his godless and destructive, death- promoting philosophy for societal change.

    Do you believe that wind, solar, and geothermal power can entirely replace hydrocarbon fuels and nuclear power? Do you believe that by using hydrocarbons and fertilizers, mankind is changing the climate of the world so that we will soon have an irreversible global catastrophe? Do you believe that to prevent this impending environmental doom, we should completely reinvent the world economy with greater authoritarian control?

    Here’s another grand lie, also driven by an agenda of propaganda to promote radical, poverty-inducing change toward totalitarian mandates and one-world global alliance or government. The film Agenda: Grinding America Down prophetically details the tool of  environmentalism” for cultural Marxist change. Indeed, we see this being heavily played out today with corporate “Sustainability” emphases, ESG (Environmental Social Governance) investor requirements, the WEF’s (World Economic Forum) grand emphasis, and the grand push by the current American administration, the administrations of the European Union and virtually every other country and world alliance today.

    Do you believe that we should tear down the biblical bases of Western Civilization to remake society into a progressive utopia – a “Great Reset”? Do you believe that utopia results from the abolition of private property? Do you believe that we should trust Big Government and Big Corporation elites to do all the hard thinking for us and have our best interests at heart?

    The WEF has famously said, “You will own nothing, and you will be happy.” Just trust us. Trust the rich and powerful who are in the club to know what’s best for you. More lies. More godless, globalist totalitarian governance. The Bible says that human nature is corrupt and not to be trusted in its lust for power and greed. It must always be checked and balanced, which is why it is essential to have freedom of speech and separation of powers.

    Do you believe we should effectively give government, the State, the right to replace God as the director of our consciences? Do you believe if you challenge someone’s inclination to project their own inner psychology on “God”, that you are being so offensive you should be censored? Do you believe that the Bible is merely an old book, full of error? Do you believe that the historical narrative of Genesis can’t be trusted? Do you believe that human life has emerged from a big bang, a primordial “soup”, and many chance reactions, mutations, and selections of evolution? Do you believe that the earth is billions of years old in order for evolution to do its thing … in effect, replacing the biblical God?

    Also lies. Which proliferate into other lies.

    Do you believe that God, the Creator, emptied himself into his creation so that He no longer exists except in the form of many lesser gods and/or scattered into nature itself?

    Interestingly, this is exactly the lie that led to the polytheistic/pantheistic idolatrous religious worldview that proliferated in various forms from the time of the rebellion at Babel. In the beginning, after the Great Flood, everyone knew Noah and believed in the one true God. But the Bible says this changed by the time of the dispersion at Babel. Babylon, through the tyranny of the mighty rebel Nimrod, was the source of these false religious views. “Babylon the Great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth” (Revelation 17:5).

    We must get our history from the Bible, not from corrupted evolution-inspired renditions that leave out any ancient work which might corroborate the Bible. That’s why we are also excited to offer you this month the book Ancient Post-Flood History: Historical Documents That Point to Biblical Creation. You will be amazed and thrilled with how this succinct but thorough work pulls together the timelines of Genesis with amazing and incredibly well-fitting ancient histories from Jewish and Christian sources. Many of these were used by the early Church Fathers to shore-up their apologetics to the early Roman world and help convert Europe to a Christian civilization.

    As always, we deeply thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement as we stand fast against the lies of this present age and proclaim the inerrant truth of God’s Word!

    1Dawson, C., “Enquiries into Religion and Culture”, 2009, pg. 259.

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