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    Blood tests, x-rays, CAT scans were being taken; heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels were being monitored; intravenous flows of medicine were being administered and adjusted with feedback from the blood tests. As I sat with my relative for several days, I couldn’t help but think that evolution had nothing to do with any of the science involved.

    There were at least six doctors of different specialties seeing him – Infectious Disease, Cardiologist, Gastro-Intestinal, Pulmonologist and Nephrologist, plus, of course, his Primary Care Physician. Not one of them needed to use evolution to look at his case or to analyze the various tests and results. Evolution, you see, does not rely on the Scientific Method and does not have any real application in the practice of ANY science. Rather, it is an attempt to explain biological origins and developments without God. In other words, evolution merely provides “just so stories” to teach the secular notion that we have NOT been designed and built by our great Creator.

    Yet, we see a continuing deception about how supposedly “Charles Darwin” should be “the one rallying cry” for all things scientific! Such is the pernicious deceit of evolution. Indeed, this month in secular academic and progressive circles, there is another push to celebrate “International Darwin Day” (February 12, Darwin’s birthday) – for “principles of intellectual bravery … scientific thinking, and hunger for truth as embodied in Charles Darwin.” Darwin Day is primarily pushed by such groups as The American Humanist Association (a society advocating for atheists) and their leftist allies in media, government and academia.

    My recent experience at the hospital, though, revealed to me once again that science treats human bodies as precisely designed-and-specified complex machines. This, of course, begs the logical inference that with such design and specification, there must be a great Designer!

    The doctors were monitoring everything. Was body temperature normal at 98.6 F? Were oxygen levels in the blood above 90%? Was blood pressure normal? Were heart rates normal? Were key enzyme, protein and sugar levels in the blood normal? Was urine output normal? In other words, was the human body functioning according to design specification?

    Doctors know what to expect for healthy function of heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and other organs. Outside of the normal range, people get sick and die. The normal range does not change.

    But to the modern ear, the theme of everything is “change”. Change is the master key. This is a philosophy that has grown out of evolution … applied not only to biology but to human society. Nothing is fixed, everything evolves. The belief that everything evolves has had a disastrous effect in many areas – much of which has been discussed in these letters.

    Not only does this philosophy of change – of the evolution of all things – go against biblical truth, it goes against what has been called “self-evident” truth. The American Declaration of Independence includes these words: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

    These are transcendent and eternal truths – we are all equal before the cross of Jesus Christ, and by extension, therefore, before the seat of justice. We have a Creator, and He has endowed us with a right to life and freedom as individuals!

    Here is another reason why we need to keep proclaiming the truth about evolution. Evolutionism has made “change for the sake of change” tolerated – even when the change has perverted eternal and transcendent truths! We now redefine marriage! We redefine genders! We redefine the taking of innocent human life and call it good! Fortunately, we still have freedoms in this country – but other nations are losing them. Sadly, we are moving in that direction, but for now, in spite of abortion law, we are still free to protest and to lead people to honor the Sanctity of Human Life – as was just celebrated again this January in America!

    Under evolutionism, change is to be embraced and facilitated. It is supposedly inevitable. And it is given a positive term – “progressive”. This is actually the same as what the Nazi leaders at the Nuremberg Trials of 1946 claimed when they famously defended their actions in the Concentration Camps by arguing that they were simply “giving evolution an assist”.

    We can basically make society whatever we want it to be because constant change means that nothing is permanent, eternal or transcendent. Indeed, with such a philosophy, traditional values must be fought against so mankind can move out of its “current state of imperfection” and toward the enlightened end of evolutionary progress – which tends to be the whims of a dictator.

    But this is just not biblical. In fact, it is diabolical. We should not want to celebrate evolutionism with “Darwin Day”. Rather, we should want to continue to expose it for the anti-science, anti-God, destructive, authoritarian-supporting force that it truly is! As Christians, we must keep proclaiming the truth, the whole truth of God’s Word, which does not change but “abides forever” (1 Peter 1:25).

    Most important of all, we must continually cleave to the truth of the living Word, Jesus Christ, who does not change but is “the same yesterday, and today, and forever”.

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