Viewpoint of Mark Cadwallader, Creation Moments Board Chairman


    Mark Cadwallader

    Have you ever thought that the odds were overwhelmingly against you? I think we all have at one time or another.

    Years ago, two armies faced off against each other. One army had hundreds of thousands of men with the latest weaponry, cavalry and 30,000 chariots, plus the advantage of the high ground. The other army had many desertions and was down to only 600 men, mostly with pitchforks – and they were understandably hiding down in caves in the rocks. But two of the 600 soldiers came up from their cave and decided to challenge the enemy garrison at the top of a steep ridge. They believed, as one of them famously declared, that “there is no restraint to the Lord to save by many or by few”. Being in the minority is not a problem for God!

    You probably know the rest of the story from 1 Samuel 14. Jonathan and his armor bearer believed God signaled a confirmation of their move by how the Philistines taunted them. So they crawled up the ridge and proceeded to fight the Philistines – killing 20 of them in half an acre. Fear began to spread among the Philistines, and then there was an earthquake! The Philistines panicked and “melted away”, “beating down one another”, the Bible says. The men of Israel rallied, and “so the Lord saved Israel that day”.

    In our time, we are up against a different type of Philistine horde, but the dynamic is the same. Media and worldly institutions are in control and seemingly fully equipped with lots of power, lots of money, the latest technology, and the support of “science”. Christians tend to hunker down, intimidated and feeling overwhelmed. But the principle remains the same. The most vital criterion is not human strength and human wisdom – but God! With God, nothing is impossible, and He is able, as Jonathan declared, “to save by many or by few”!

    God’s truth cannot be suppressed no matter how craftily and hatefully the great deceiver, Satan, leads human minds in campaigns against God. It is up to us to take the initiative, like Jonathan, to trust in the Lord and to act upon His confirmation of a plan. This is not only how it worked for Jonathan and his armor bearer, but for David against Goliath, for Joshua in the Battle of Jericho, for Gideon against the Midianites, and for the apostles as they proclaimed Christ under the persecution of Roman and Jewish authorities.

    The truth of God prevails, but He wants to see us take the initiative in faith! He will help us by giving us strength and providing timely “earthquakes” and other miracles of deliverance along the way.

    Over 50 years ago, Walter Lang, Henry Morris, John Whitcomb and a number of others took the initiative against a scientific juggernaut to tackle the lies of evolution. And today we have a wealth of scientific argument refuting those fallacies. God has also blessed us with numerous victories in exposing many of the lies while strengthening the hearts of millions of God’s people and in winning many others to Him.

    Let’s review, for example, a recent lie which made headlines last December. Scientists claimed that some hardened tree resin (amber) mined in Myanmar had trapped some ticks that drank the blood of feathered dinosaurs some 99 million years ago! They think they can rule out modern birds as the source of the feather because modern birds are supposed to have appeared about 25 million years later than the age of the Burmese amber! We begin to see here the circular reasoning upon which so much of the evolutionary dating scheme is based.

    The vast majority of fossils are dated by their assigned date in the Geologic Column, where rocks are given an “age” according to evolutionary assumptions about the strata in which they are found. Giving an “age” is not at all required by the science of the column, but it serves mainly to reinforce the philosophy of evolution. Evolution applies the uniformitarian approach that the processes of today are the same as those of all time. (Of course, this is not true as, for example, the Bible tells us that creation itself and the Great Flood of Noah’s day upset everything in earth history (2 Peter 3:4-6). And the dates assigned are so often from circular reasoning because rock is used to index fossils, then fossils are used to index rock – back and forth without question. The strata could just as well be classified according to location or other parameter so that the choice of an “age” classification system serves essentially to repeat the evolutionary propaganda.

    “Molecular clock dating” does the same thing, in which DNA or protein sequence changes are assumed to occur at a constant rate over time (uniformitarianism) and “corroborated” by geologic column dates (circular reasoning). Based on this molecular clock hypothesis, genetic scientists have constructed their own evolutionary tree for the very simple biomolecules, thus propping up and making evolution appear more scientific.

    At Creation Moments, we may be on the side of the “few” when facing the juggernaut of evolution. But God is able “to save” anyway, just as with Jonathan and his armor bearer, and honors our taking the initiative to challenge evolution’s assumptions and expose them to the light of God’s Word. We rejoice in being able to join with you in a noble cause to beat back the modern day hordes of “Philistines”. In spite of their court decrees, their billion dollar funding and their academic certification and censorship, they cannot silence creation truth and the biblical faith that results! Thank you so much for supporting us in the battle we cannot afford to lose. And we will NOT lose because God is on our side!

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