Viewpoint of Mark Cadwallader, Creation Moments Board Chairman

    The scenes of devastation, hardship and destructive power flooded the airwaves when over 50 inches of rain fell in Houston during tropical storm Harvey last month. This is over 4 feet of rain in just a few days, making it the most storm rain in U.S. history! That’s a lot of water – enough to knock out bridges and foundations, turn the ground to mush and wash away all kinds of objects and living things – even in the very flat land of the Texas Gulf Coast.

    But consider that certain “bands” of rain within the storm were at times falling at the rate of 3 inches per hour, and that if these rates were sustained all day we would have seen 6 feet of rain in just one 24-hour period! Imagine if such rain lasted for “40 days and 40 nights”, as the Bible says about Noah’s Flood in Genesis 7:12. That would not just be 4 feet of rain in a rainstorm, that would be 240 feet of rain in a rainstorm! The increase of destructive transforming power from so much rain would be exponential! It would be truly “cataclysmic”, the Greek word reserved for the description of the Great Flood of Noah.

    Of course, the Bible tells us that huge volumes of subterranean fluids from “the fountains of the great deep” (Genesis 7:11) were also sent rushing to the earth’s surface as well, perhaps precipitating a lot of the rain – and on a global scale, we would have the makings of the Great Cataclysm of history completely inundating and transforming “the world that then was”, 2 Peter 3:6. The Bible also describes in Psalm 104 verses 6-9 what is most sensibly a Post-Flood mountain-building time completing a transformation of the earth’s surface. As elevations of the continents rose to their current heights, catastrophic drainage and water runoff into emerging ocean basins occurred. Indeed, the presence of shifted tectonic plates, bent and tightly folded rock layers (synclines and anticlines) and seashell fossils on mountain ranges provide scientific evidence for such Post-Flood rapid mountain formation in the soft, water-logged soils.

    Earth is known to scientists as “the water planet”, and the Bible tells us that in the first stage of creation the primeval earth was suspended between “waters above the firmament” and “waters below the firmament”, Genesis 1:7. The earth was “standing out of the water and in the water”, 2 Peter 3:5. At the time of the Flood, there were likely primeval seas and there was a great subterranean source of water below the surface of the earth – a “great deep” which has now been largely emptied so that “they (the waters) turn not again to cover the earth”, Psalm 104:9.

    We see a “deep” of water prominent not only in the Flood account but also in the very first act of Creation. “And the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters”, Genesis 1:2. The first specific act of God was not Him speaking forth “Let there be light”, Genesis 1:3; it was that the Spirit of God was “moving” on the face of the waters of creation.

    The Hebrew word translated by the KJV as “moving” is the word “merachefet”, and it speaks of “hovering” or “fluttering” – in other words “vibrating”. This is particularly interesting from a scientific perspective because, as we have written about many times, vibration is at the root of all matter and energy.

    Materials are fundamentally energy according to the famous equation E = mc2. This is what makes nuclear power possible. And energy is fundamentally defined by frequency – the basis of vibration. We’ve talked about how all energy generates an electromagnetic field or harmonizes with some frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum – cell phone reception and transmission comes to mind. Whether very low or very high frequency, whether it be sound, radio waves, television, visible light, x-rays, or gamma rays, we are describing a vibration.

    We’ve also written in these letters about how the sub-atomic particles, including the most elementary particles within the atom, the ones that are irreducible because they are not comprised of other sub-atomic particles, can be mathematically described simply as vibrating loops of string, each with a different vibration. This is “string theory”, the theory which brings mathematical unity to the world of quarks, photons, bosons, gluons and electrons.

    Everything is at root a bundle of vibrations. And what is the source? The Spirit of God! No wonder the Bible says that “…in Him all things consist (are sustained)”, Colossians 1:17. Almighty God is the Prime “Mover”, just as we read in Genesis 1:2.

    Let us also note that God not only creates and sustains, He re-creates as He did with the Great Flood – and as He does with people! He re-creates us in spirit, and He puts His Spirit within us! This is the essence of being “born again”, John 3: 3-7.

    God re-creates us in spirit, but the question that gets us to the point of re-creation is our need, our desire for unbiased truth, our thirst for relationship with God. Sin is arguably our seeking relief from thirst, with something other than God. But to believe in Jesus and to drink of His “living water” is the path to everlasting life and joy.

    On the last day of the “Feast of Tabernacles”, where the Jewish people celebrated God’s provision for them in the wilderness wanderings, which included the miraculous provision of water, Jesus stood up in the Temple “… and cried, saying, ‘if any man thirst let him come unto me and drink. He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water,” John 7:37-38. The next verse notes that Jesus was here speaking of the Spirit.

    Think about it! God has chosen to “tabernacle” with us as we invite Him to re-create us – His Spirit with our spirit – in the midst of our torso, the seat of our emotions. We have earlier reviewed through these letters the recently accepted truth of a gut-based nervous system called the Enteric Nervous System (ENS) which modern science now regards as “the second brain”. By drinking deeply of the truth of God in Christ, we can steadily wash away strongholds of evil through the energetic power of the Prime Mover of the Universe, re-make our own personal worlds to be filled with the Fruit of the Spirit, and share living water flowing from within us with a thirsty world!

    Thank you for helping us reach so many people all over God’s creation with the life-giving Gospel of Christ! Your prayers and financial support are the lifeblood of this ministry!


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