Job 38:4-7
“Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding. Who hath laid the measures thereof, if thou knowest? or who hath stretched the line upon it? Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? or who laid the corner stone thereof; when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?”

Have angels always existed from eternity? The Bible says “No”. Only God, the One God in Three Persons, has existed for all eternity. So the angels and any other spirit beings that there might be must have been created by God.

Artist rendering of the earth in spaceIf the angels were created, then when were they created? Were they, perhaps, created before the creation week? Perhaps God made them a long time before He made the world. Again, the Bible is very clear that this is not the case. We read in Exodus 20:11 that everything was made in the six days of the Creation Week.

So, we can definitely say that the Bible teaches that angels were created by God, they have not existed for all eternity, and that they must have been made during the creation week. However, we cannot be anywhere near as dogmatic about what day of the creation week God created them.

If we look in the book of Job, we read this: “Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth… when the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy?” It seems likely that these words refer to angels. If they were singing for joy at the foundation of the Earth, then they possibly saw most of creation happen. It is also my opinion that angels were created early on Day One of the Creation Week. At the end of the Creation Week, everything was “very good”. So all the angels were still good at the end of that week. No angel had yet fallen, though that would happen soon, before the events of Genesis 3.

Lord, we know that all things were made for You, through You, and by You. All of creation brings glory to Your Name. We thank You and praise You for Your creative power. Amen.

Author: Paul F. Taylor

Ref: Hodge, B. (2010), What about Satan and the Origin of Evil?, in Ham, K. (ed. 2010), The New Answers Book 2, (Master Books). Image: Adobe Stock photo, licensed to author.