Does Evolution Explain Everything About Life?



Is big-picture, molecules-to-man evolution as well attested scientifically as the sphericity of the Earth? Are the first fossils 3.4 billion years old, with life just a matter of basic chemistry? What about ‘RNA world’, parasitic DNA, Darwin’s ‘Tree of Life’, or claims that blind evolution is innovative and creative?

In this short but scientifically-detailed book (illustrated in full colour), 10 Ph.D. scientists with biblical creationist convictions tackle the assertions of ten of their evolutionary counterparts, in their own areas of specialism: Jonathan Sarfati, Pierre Jerlström, Robert Carter, David Catchpoole, Stuart Burgess, Tasman Walker, Jim Mason, Donald Batten, Peter Borger, and Samuel Gan.

This makes for an intriguing and thought-provoking read. Lofty evolutionary claims are carefully assessed scientifically, enabling readers to draw their own conclusions about the claimed power of evolution to explain all of life. Is the bravado of evolutionary popularisers justified, or just a cover-up for science-denial? You be the judge. After the in-depth scientific discussion, Philip Bell concludes with a discussion of life’s big questions and the challenge of the Gospel.

Format: Soft Cover
Product Audience: High School-Adult
Pages: 75
Author: Philip Bell & 10 Ph.D. scientists
Published: 2020

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