02021A – October Donation

For your donation of $45.00 or more, we will send you the DVD, The Heavens Declare: Our Amazing Solar System.  Join Drs. Don DeYoung, Danny Faulkner, Russ Humpreys, Jason Lisle, and Spike Psarris on a fascinating journey through our solar system.

In addition, we will send to you our latest CD filled with 30 Creation Moments broadcasts.

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Episode 4:
This episode explores the amazing solar system we live in, designed by God in just a few days. Our experts will explore:

  • How our solar system looks designed by God
  • What makes each planet unique
  • Why the Earth is so special among planets in our vast universe
  • Evidence of our solar system being just thousands of years old

DVD comes with a Digital HD Online Copy. 

DVD: 42 Minutes
Ages: Teen-Adult


Creation Moments CD Volume 218

Creation Moments Volume 218, featuring 30 of our recent radio broadcasts that provide irrefutable evidences that creation didn’t evolve but was made by God.

Programs Included:

  • A Ghost Planet
  • Eagle’s Wings
  • Good Bacteria in Foods
  • Did God Create Through Evolution
  • The Crocodile Bird
  • And 25 more interesting readio program topics.