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In many ways, climate change alarmists behave just like evolutionists. They are poisoning the minds of millions with lies, supported by pseudo-science, frauds and failed predictions. This is why we have compiled a set of outstanding resources to help you tear through their fabric of lies.

The Great Global Warming Debate – Atmospheric scientist Michael Oard shares evidence against manmade global warming on this 43-minute DVD.

Global Warming and the Creator’s Plan – As you’ll discover in this 176-page book, man-induced global warming is totally unfounded!

The Climate Change Conflict – Dr. Jake Hebert dives into the confusing world of climate change science and brings much-needed clarity from a scientific and biblical perspective.

We heartily recommend these resources to everyone who doesn’t know how to defend the truth about this highly charged topic!  We will send you all three for a tax-deductible donation of $45 or more.

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The Great Global Warming Debate DVD

Former US Vice President Al Gore, Nature and Science magazines and the news media are all proclaiming that man is responsible for global warming. Their alarmist call to action is that we need to act now before the climate becomes uncontrollable and most of the world overheats. The cultural confusion is rampant. Atmospheric scientist, Michael Oard, examines the observed data and concludes that global warming is small, natural processes are responsible for more than 50%, and that we have time for unbiased research.

Interest level: Adult    DVD 43 minute


Global Warming and the Creator’s Plan

God has a clear plan for this Earth and its inhabitants, though the media would have you believe that our planet is doomed due to global warming. As you’ll see, “man-induced global warming” is totally unfounded. In fact, the Earth has always been gradually warming, and the current rate of warming is insignificant. This book unlocks the clues to this contemporary controversy and helps you separate alarmist rhetoric from verifiable facts.

Interest level: High School-Adult       Paperback: 176 pages


The Climate Change Conflict

Climate change is a hot topic.  From politics to theology, debate rages over whether we face an imminent climate catastrophe and whether drastic action is needed to stop it.  But how much is real science and how much is just political alarmism?  In The Climate Change Conflict: Keeping Cool over Global Warming, Dr. Jake Hebert dives into the confusing world of climate change science and brings much-needed clarity from a scientific a biblical perspective.

Interest level: Senior high-Adult     Paperback 48 pages