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An excellent addition to the Creation library of the intellectually minded.  The set includes, In the Minds of Mind, a book hailed as the classic work on the creation-evolution issue, written by our very own Ian Taylor and  In the Beginning, Dr. Walter Brown’s comprehensive, understandable and meticulously documented  book on creation.


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In the Minds of Men by Ian Taylor 6th Edition Revised and Expanded.

Creation Moments is pleased to bring you what has been hailed as the classic work on the creation-evolution issue! Written by our very own Ian Taylor.  Thisixth edition of In the Minds of Men covers such diverse fields as history, geology, medicine and physics … yet the author has been careful to provide clear but entertaining reading, full of human interest and packed with valuable insights. With its extensive footnotes, more than 180 illustrations, full index and complete bibliography, the book is one you’ll turn to again and again in the coming years.  Hardcover 518 Pages


In The Beginning  – This greatly expanded new edition of Dr. Walter Brown’s classic book on creation.

Dr. Brown, a former evolutionist, presents evidence that could revolutionize our understanding of origins. You will be challenged to consider fresh ideas in this age-old debate. Part I discusses, in quick overview, 131 categories of evidence from biology and astronomy as well as the physical and Earth sciences. Part II describes Dr. Brown’s hydroplate theory, developed during more than 35 years of study. For decades, evolutionists have complained that creationists only criticized evolution and did not offer sound scientific theories of their own. The hydroplate theory ends that complaint and explains, with overwhelming evidence, Earth’s defining geological event – a worldwide flood. Hardback, 230 Pages

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