Genesis 11:9

“Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.”

“Ancient stone-tool makers spread into largely unstudied parts of North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula surprisingly early” begins an article on the popular Science News website. The article concerns the recent discovery of stone cutting tools at two sites in Algeria. Evolutionary anthropologists have two possible explanations for this. Most evolutionists believe that human beings evolved in East Africa – areas now covered by nations such as Tanzania and Kenya. So the cutting tools found in North Africa suggest to some that there had been early migration of hominids from East to North Africa, or that hominids had evolved separately in more than one region.

The latter idea might well be worrying for classical evolutionists. The Out-of-Africa model of human evolution is more specifically an Out-of-East-Africa model, developed so that evolutionists can claim that all so-called “races” of people developed from the one group in East Africa. This enables neo-Darwinists to shake off the accusation of racism that can certainly be fairly leveled at Darwin’s writings. The Science News article complicates matters further by reporting on the finds of African-style stone axes in the Arabian Peninsula also.

Biblical creationists see stone tools as nothing unusual. People scattering throughout the world due to the Tower of Babel incident can be expected to have made early tools out of easily sourced materials such as stone when they were newly arrived into a region. And a biblical anthropology gives a much more accurate rebuttal to racism than evolution.   Author: Paul F. Taylor

Prayer: As human beings, we were made, Lord, to have dominion over this world. Help us to be worthy of Your calling on our lives. Amen.


Ref: Bower, B. (2018), Stone-tool makers reached North Africa and Arabia surprisingly early, < >, accessed 11/30/2018. Image: Collection of stone tools, Public Domain.

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