Psalm 46:10
“Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”

According to evolutionists, coral is one of the earlier creatures on the evolutionary time line. If evolutionary theory were fact, one would expect the corals to be very simple. One would also expect them to have changed a lot in over half a billion years of life.

However, corals are not at all simple creatures. The stinger used by coral polyps to immobilize prey is very complex. It is produced by a highly specialized cell in the polyp itself. At one end of the stinging capsule is a poker, covered by a protective cap. At the other end of the capsule there is a hollow tube, coiled like a rope. The capsule itself is filled with a powerful poison.

When the poker end of the capsule is touched, a number of complex things happen in a very short time. The cap springs open, the poker rips a hole in the victim and continues in, carrying with it the poison tube, which then pumps the poison into the victim. All of these amazing steps take place in less than five ten-thousandths of a second!

Coral is “surprisingly” complex to be so near the bottom of the evolutionary ladder. In addition, the earliest corals in the fossil record—over half a billion years old by inflated evolutionary counting—are the same as those found today! So again, the scientific evidence fits well with the biblical story of creation.

Prayer: Lord, since You know all things, You cannot learn new things and improve the work You did during creation week. Even human sin has not been able to completely deface Your great genius. Assure me that because of Your great work for me on Calvary, my sin is forgiven and I shall be with You in eternity. Amen.

Author: Paul A. Bartz

Ref: What’s in a name. Science Digest, Feb., 1985. p. 87. Photo: Pillar coral. (PD)

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