Job 38:36
” Who hath put wisdom in the inward parts? or who hath given understanding to the heart?”


Perhaps to get evolutionists to rethink their beliefs, the Creator has provided many inventive and unique structures. There are so many of these that even the longest evolutionary timescale could not account for their evolution.

Let’s focus on a few examples among frogs for a moment. Frogs need to keep their eggs moist. Water must be available for their tadpoles. Frogs have many different ways of doing this.

The Venezuelan marsupial frog has a skin pouch, just like a kangaroo, except hers is on her back. The female marsupial frog stores her eggs in the pouch. There is plenty of moisture and protection in her pouch for the young frogs. When they are mature, the skin pouch sort of unzips, and out come up to 20 young frogs!

The Brazilian tree frog uses a completely different approach. This frog actually builds a pool of mud, near a pond, in which it lays its eggs. This pool is usually built so that by the time the eggs have developed into strong tadpoles, the regular tropical rains wash the pool, along with the swimming tadpoles, into the pond!

In Job 38:36, the Lord asks Job, “Who has put wisdom in the mind?” It is obvious to us that only the Lord, the Creator of heaven and earth, could have given frogs these abilities and this knowledge. And it is just as clear that it is nonsense to say that chance and time made these frogs and their abilities.

Prayer: Dear Father in heaven, I thank You that You are not only intimately involved in Your creation, but that You are also wiser than any created being. Help me to seek out Your wisdom in the pages of the Bible. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Ref: Wilder, Rachel. 1983. “Flying frogs.” Science Digest, Nov. p. 120. Photo: female marsupial frog by Mauricio Rivera Correa CC By SA 2.5.jpg

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