Job 42:1-2
“Then Job answered the LORD, and said, I know that thou canst do every [thing], and [that] no thought can be withholden from thee.”

In the secular media we often hear spokespersons for evolution say that creationism would ruin science. But several years ago an evolutionist suggested in his paper that creationism may actually help correct science.

According to the article, astronomer Alan Batten said in a 1984 paper in the Journal of the Royal Could Creationism Correct ScienceAstronomical Society of Canada, “My impression is that many of the biologists who write about evolution for the ordinary public are committed in their minds to the belief that the question ‘Why?’ has no answer…. [They believe] evolution is purposeless, and life and Man have arisen only by chance. … this is a legitimate belief for a person to hold, but that it is required by the scientific evidence is highly questionable. To hold it as such is as much an act of faith as to maintain the opposite.”

Batten encourages evolutionists to stop arguing scientific evidence with creationists, saying, “I believe we shall achieve much more by frankly admitting the limitations of scientific research and concede that even creationists are raising legitimate questions.”

Those scientists who are creationists object to dogmatic claims that “evolution is a fact.” Batten is simply asking for honesty about evolution among his fellow scientists. If his suggestions were taken literally, both education and science would benefit and be a lot less offensive to Bible believing Christians.

Lord, as Creator, it must sadden You deeply when You see how man seeks to hide from You through stories about evolution and how those who make up these stories are so unfair to Your people. Replace our discouragement with boldness to continue witnessing to Your truth. Amen.

Stahl, Philip A. 1990. “The God Factor.” Astronomy, Mar. p. 86.

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