Deuteronomy 33:15
“And for the chief things of the ancient mountains, and for the precious things of the lasting hills.”

One lady who approached me after one of my presentations said, “God made the Earth 10,000 years ago, but he made it look like it was millions of years old.”

Evolutionary scientists believe that the Earth is 4.5 billion years old. Does it look 4.5 billion years old? Suppose you came with me to England’s Jurassic Coast, to examine some of the dinosaur fossils there. Evolutionists say that these fossils are 65 million years old. Do they look 65 million years old? Creationists would say that these fossils were formed in the Flood, about 4,400 years ago. Do the fossils look 4,400 years old? What do they look like: 65 million years old or 4,400 years old?

In everyday life, we do not make such errors. There is no such thing as an appearance of age unless we have something to compare it to. The twenty-year-old actor in a teenage role has the appearance of a teenager because we have an impression of what a teenager should look like. But what does a 65 million year old rock look like? Given that, as biblical creationists, we do not believe any rock is anywhere near 65 million years old; we have nothing against which to judge its age, apart from the Bible. The Bible makes clear that the rock containing the fossil must have been made in the Flood, 4,400 years ago, so it looks 4,400 years old because that is the only objective standard against which we can measure it.

Prayer: We know, Lord, that all things come from You and that all things were created by You – the Ancient of Days. Thank You for Your Divine Wisdom in all that You have made. Amen.

Author: Paul F. Taylor

Ref: Lisle, J. (2008), Did God Create the World to Look “Old”, < >, accessed 7/26/2017. Image: Adobe Stock Photos, licensed to author.

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