Hebrews 4:16
“Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.”

Many fish are surprisingly fast when they’re hunting for lunch. Which species do you think is the fastest-swimming fish in the ocean? Think you know the answer?

The swordfish that didn't get awaySome people say it’s the sailfish. Sailfish have been clocked at a speed of 68 miles per hour while leaping. Others say black marlins hold the record. According to BBC Video, marlins are capable of swimming at speeds up to an incredible 80 miles per hour! But today’s broadcast is about another fish that’s been clocked doing 80.

I’m talking about the swordfish. Recently, scientists have discovered the secret behind the swordfish’s incredible speed. For a long time, scientists have known that the swordfish’s bill – or “sword” – is porous and rough. This reduces drag in the water. But now a scientist has discovered that swordfish have a gland – located where their “sword” attaches to their skull – and this gland secretes water-resistant oil which coats the swordfish’s skin. According to Dr. John Videler, a biologist and professor at Groningen University in the Netherlands, the oil reduces drag in the water by 20 percent!

Until now, it was thought that the gland played a part in the fish’s olfactory system. But these new findings make it more clear than ever that swordfish were designed and built for speed. Our Creator gave them powerful, streamlined bodies and everything else they need … just as He has given us everything we need!

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Oh Lord, Your creatures take my breath away! How can evolutionists fail to see Your hand in creation? Open their eyes, Jesus. Amen.

Mindy Weisberger, “Secret to Swordfish’s Speedy Swimming Found,” Live Science, 7/7/16. Photo: The swordfish that didn’t get away. From NOAA Photo Library. (PD)