Job 42:3
“Who [is] he that hideth counsel without knowledge? therefore have I uttered that I understood not; things too wonderful for me, which I knew not.”

The number of different kinds of insects in the world seems almost endless. There are millions. The larva of many of these insects feed on trees and bushes at least until they develop into adults. One would think, then, that we wouldn’t have any trees left, since they are so unfairly outnumbered by such hordes.

God protects treesBut we also know from experience that the creation has been designed with careful and intricate balances. In this case, the many different kinds of trees each produce poisons in order to protect themselves from insects. But there is still balance, since insects, too, need to make a living. Not every insecticide produced by a tree is poisonous to every insect. So a tree’s insecticides simply limit the number of insects that can feed on it.

Some trees have pockets of gluey fluids that, when opened by insect mandibles, glue the insect’s mouth closed – a very effective way of keeping something from eating you! But most of the insecticides manufactured by trees involve subtle and complex chemistry. One poison fools the insect’s system into thinking that it is an essential amino acid – with fatal results.

Where could such advanced knowledge of chemistry come from? For that matter, could such precise balance – that allows for life but keeps it in control – arise all by itself? As our knowledge of science grows, our appreciation of God’s work of creation only increases!

Father, while the world says that science is making it more difficult to believe in a Creator, I see how our growing knowledge of the creation offers us the knowledge of even more things to praise You about. Do not let our Christian young people be fooled by the false claims against You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Bernhardt, Peter. 1989. Wily Violets & Underground Orchids: Revelations of a Botanist. pp. 7 9. Photo: Since natural insecticides don’t provide complete protection for trees and plants, manmade insecticides are often applied.

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