Isaiah 55:8
“‘For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,’ says the LORD.”

It was only a few years ago that excited supporters of the big bang theory for the origin of the universe announced that their theory had apparently been proven. Now their unverified conclusions are being seriously questioned on several fronts.

God's MindEven as it was being announced that the big bang theory was proven, verification was being made on other results showing that the big bang theory is probably wrong. William G. Tifft of the University of Arizona had been looking at lists of red shifts from distant galaxies. On a graph, he plotted the red shifts corrected for the effects of the Earth’s motion. If the red shifts from these objects are the result of their speeding away from Earth, their red shifts should be evenly spread over the known range of shifts. Tifft found that they’re not. The red shifts are clumped into patterns. The intervals are about 72 kilometers per second, with some half that value and some one-third of that value. Astronomers from the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh verified his results.

A second study by Tifft has shown that galaxy red shifts measured from Earth have changed in just a few years! This change is completely unexpected by proponents of the big bang theory. The change is large enough that Tifft expects to be able to test the rate at which these changes take place within only a few years! One suggestion is that red shifts may be some sort of decay phenomenon rather than expansion of the universe.
How could human beings expect to understand a universe created by the Author of Scripture when they reject Scripture itself?

I thank You, dear Lord, for the revelation of Your Word of salvation in Scripture. I pray that I may never presume to understand something before I know and believe what You have said about it in Your inerrant Word. Amen.


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