Psalm 139:13
“For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother’s womb.”

Many people still believe that as we developed from the fertilized egg in our mother’s womb, we went through all the earlier evolutionary stages. That is, we had gills like a fish, then our heart developed from two-stage to four-stage, and at one point we even had a tail like a monkey. Unfortunately this myth, based upon fraudulent work done in 1866, can still be found as evidence for evolution in some school textbooks.

1874 illustration from Ernst Haeckel’s AnthropogenieCertain evolutionists say that even our arms go through the evolutionary stages, looking like the fins of a fish at one point. Many people are fooled by these arguments that are not even close to the truth. The fact is, the human embryo’s arms are always human arms. Their tissue, and the tissue from which they develop, is genetically nothing other than human. They may not look like an adult’s arms as they develop, but then a baby’s arm doesn’t look like a construction worker’s arm either! What’s more, despite the similarity in mechanical design between a human arm, a lizard’s foreleg, a seal’s flipper or a bird’s wing, each of these creature’s forelimbs develops from a different part of the embryo.

As Christians in a modern scientific age, we need not ever be afraid of what true science will discover. True discovery clearly bears witness to God! We expect it!

Dear Father, truly You fearfully and wonderfully made me in my mother’s womb, no less than was Adam formed by Your very Hand. Thank You for making me. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Photo: 1874 illustration from Ernst Haeckel’s Anthropogenie. The illustration shows fish, salamander, turtle, chick, cow, rabbit and human embryos at different stages of development. Though it is fraudulent, the illustration is still being used to teach evolution to students.

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