Matthew 10:16
“Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.”

Is ignorance really bliss? There are many painful facts in our world today. We have all had times when we just wanted to turn off the evening news and not hear any more about the ways that people found to do each other in.

Many Christians find comfort in the words of the Good Shepherd who calls His sheep. We often Informed Christiansthink of ourselves as sheep in a world full of wolves who would, were it not for our Heavenly Father, tear us to pieces. However, have we forgotten that our Good Shepherd has also told us to be wise as serpents? In part, that means we need to be informed Christians.

That’s one reason the Bible is such a large book, yet with one central message. There is so much to learn about that message. There are so many ways in which God uses His Word to touch people’s lives. There are so many lives that He wants you and me to touch.

Many who will not hear His word from our lips will see our lives – and lives that follow Christ deliver a message. The worse the world looks, the more hopeless the world’s news makes people. The greater the hopelessness, the clearer the message of the Christian life is.

Yes, God still does care about all the people He made. Millions of people today feel locked into purposeless lives controlled by what they think is the mindless chance that created them. You and I need to know what they believe. We need to be informed Christians so that we can make the witness of His truth meaningful to them!

Dear Lord, when I am tempted to feel overcome by the evil in the world, gently but firmly remind me that because You are at my side, I have nothing to fear. Amen.


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