Genesis 8:22
“While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”

Climate change is a funny thing. Almost any weather-related phenomenon can be said to have been altered over time, and the culprit is usually thought to be man-made CO2. One weather feature much trumpeted as a herald of climate change is the hurricane.

An article on the Science Daily website in November 2019 claimed that climate change was causing hurricanes to be bigger and more damaging. A few days after it was published, the paper was criticized by the environmental scientist, Dr. Roger Pielke Jr.

Pielke showed a number of errors with the alarmist paper. Most of the alarmists’ research concerned economic data rather than physical atmospheric data. Hurricanes were compared by the amount of economic damage that they do, but, clearly, hurricanes today can do more economic damage if industrial and urban areas have grown in recent decades.

Another problem was that the alarmists had used two online datasets that Pielke knew very well because he and a student of his had created them. The alarmists had spliced the two datasets together even though their data were not compatible. Thus, the conclusions drawn from the data were erroneous.

It appears as if alarmists actually want hurricanes to be bigger and more destructive so that they can claim this as “proof” of climate change. However, God’s words are clear. He has promised that seasons will continue to function for all time until He chooses to bring the world to an end. It is God who is in charge of climate.

Prayer: Father God, we thank You for Your continuing control over this world in which You have placed us. Nothing is a surprise to You. Amen.

Author: Paul F. Taylor

Ref: Pielke, R. (2019), No, Hurricanes Are Not Bigger, Stronger and More Dangerous, < >, accessed 5/22/2020. Image: Hurricane Irene (2017), NASA, Public Domain.

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