Psalm 119:105
“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”

Girl in tent reading the Bible with a flashligtA young pastor wrote this on Facebook: “If God is not bigger than your Bible, then your Bible is God.”

This is one of those pious phrases that people like to post on Facebook so that others can sagely nod their heads at the profundity of the statement and then pass the comment on. And at first sight, the statement has a “rightness” about it. We do not want to elevate anything above God, do we? He should be our primary focus.

However, the statement falls apart on closer examination. If someone earnestly studies the Bible day after day, carefully learning what is in it, what are they going to learn? The Bible is a unique book, inspired by the Holy Spirit. So the earnest Bible student will, in fact, be learning more about God. It is through His inspired word, the Bible, that God has revealed Himself specifically to us. Yes, there is the general revelation of nature, but this is not enough to teach us about the nature of God.

Pious statements like these are actually used to take people away from God’s word by implying that God has given us so much more outside His word. In fact, this Facebook pastor used this statement to justify his own particular relationship that He believed had been granted to him by God despite the fact that the Bible describes it as a sin.

One person added a wonderfully appropriate comment to the post: “If your God is not the God revealed in the Bible, then you are an idolater.”     Author: Paul F. Taylor

I love the Bible, Lord, because You have revealed Yourself through it. Help me to dig into Your Bible more and more every day so that my knowledge of You might increase daily. Amen.

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