Job 11:7
“Canst thou by searching find out God? canst thou find out the Almighty unto perfection?”

When it comes to designing the sea horse, God showed that there are no limits to His creativity.

There are about 35 known species of sea horse, the largest of which grow to over a foot in length. Sea horses are masters of disguise. They can change color in seconds to match new surroundings. While sea horses are fish, they have skin instead of scales. Their skin, which is tightly stretched Father who is a good motherover bony plates, produces growths to match surrounding vegetation. These growths will change to match new vegetation or disappear if there is no vegetation. Although sea horses have neither teeth nor stomach, they eat small, tough crustaceans. They are able to grasp so tightly with their prehensile tails that they cannot be removed unless they want to move. Sea horses are also very social creatures, greeting their neighbors each morning by changing colors.

The sea horse is the only animal known where the male actually becomes pregnant and gives birth. Normally the mating ritual lasts for three days. It includes color changes, dancing and grasping. At the end of the ritual, the female deposits her eggs in the male’s pouch. For the next two weeks, the male protects, nourishes and aerates the eggs. When they are ready, the young are born alive and ready to swim. One male, whose pouch was a little bigger than half a teaspoon, gave birth to 1,572 young!

By its very existence, the sea horse offers elegant witness to a powerful, wise and personal Creator.

Dear Father, I shall never understand all that You have made, it is so great and wonderful! Let my sense of appreciation grow and move me to tell others of Your greatness and Your love for us in Jesus Christ. Amen.

Vincent, Amanda. 1990. “A seahorse father makes a good mother.” Natural History, Dec. p. 34.

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