Genesis 18:14
“Is any thing too hard for the LORD? At the time appointed I will return unto thee, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son.”

Deep in the Venezuelan jungle, 60 miles from the nearest settlement, it appears as if God decided to plant a very special garden. That garden grows on a mountain that rises 7,000 feet on sheer cliffs above the jungle. The mountain, rising eventually to 9,000 feet, is the highest mountain in South America outside the Andean mountain chain.

Mountain of MistCalled the Mountain of the Mists, this horseshoe shaped mass features a 25 mile long river valley that is just as deep as North America’s Grand Canyon. The mountain is so remote and hard to reach that it was virtually unexplored until 1984.

Scientists have found that over half of the species of living things found on the mountain are new to science. Some are unlike any other creatures ever seen on Earth. A plant called the Neblinaria resembles a large artichoke standing four feet above the ground on a thick stalk. Four foot-tall carnivorous pitcher plants, giant earthworms, and long legged frogs add to the uniqueness of the place. Rainfall has washed most of the nutrients from the soil, but many plants make their living by producing their own soil in the center of their leaves, while others live off the air itself.

There is absolutely no limit to God’s imagination. Whether the problem to be solved involves inventing creative ways to allow plants to survive, or whether it’s a personal problem that seems beyond solution, your Creator is more than willing and able to help you. Seek Him in the Bible today.

Dear Lord, it is true that when I am overwhelmed with difficulty, I seem to forget that nothing is too hard for You to solve. Renew my trust in You as I renew my daily commitment to study Your Word. Amen.

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