Genesis 1:31
“And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, [it was] very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.”

Roman Vishniac is a renowned photographer of microscopic scenes. One of his favorite subjects is one of the so-called simplest forms of life. This “simple” life, the protozoan, is supposedly the ancestor of all living things. However, Vishniac has noted that the protozoan is neither simple nor archaic in character. This creature carries out all the functions of life that we require millions of cells to sustain – all within a single cell.

There is a parallel in technology. The first adding machines were large and heavy contraptions. As these mechanical adding machines became smaller, they had to be more cleverly designed because they were smaller. The first electronic calculators were even smaller and lighter than their mechanical brothers. But they were still much larger and simpler than calculators today. As calculators have decreased in size, they have had to be more cleverly designed because they are smaller.

Vishniac has learned that the so-called “simple” one-celled creatures are not simple at all. This is because they must carry out the business of life within the limits of their small size. This has not swayed him from evolution. However, this fact has convinced him that current theories are wrong. You see, evolution is in trouble if there are no “simple” forms of life. We believe that this clear evidence that there are no simple forms of life – evidence powerful enough to sway the experts – supports the Bible’s claim that all forms of life were created in finished form by a wise Creator.

Dear Lord, I come to You as the one who was the instrument of my creation and the only one through whom I have eternal life. For the sake of Your innocent suffering and death, let my earthly life be in You and my eternal life be with You. Amen.

REF.: Science Digest, Feb. 1984. p. 80. Photo: Roman Vishniac (PD)

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