Genesis 1:21a
And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind.

We are used to evolutionists getting certain aspects of science wrong. But sometimes we are not aware of how words and phrases of bias can be slipped through unnoticed.

Words of BiasIn an article in Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper, a science journalist began as follows: “By duplicating itself two and a half million years ago, the gene could have given early human brains the power of speech and invention, leaving cousins such as chimpanzees behind.”

Without any justification, this supposed science article has identified chimps as “cousins” of human beings. This creates a circular argument, because evolution is being assumed as a fact, before any supposed evidence for it is offered.

London’s Natural History Museum contains a display, which is meant to prove the evolution of the whale from land dwelling creatures called mesonychids. Three fossil skulls show the gradual change in appearance of successive animals’ heads. Yet they are not arranged in order of age – even by evolutionary, long-age standards. The second fossil is older than the first, according to dating methods, so the arrangement of the display is an illusion. The fossils have been arranged according to their alleged evolution, so the truth of evolution is assumed. The resulting display is then offered as evidence for evolution. Once again, this is circular reasoning. God’s word tells us that whales, created on day 5, could not have evolved from land animals, created a day later.

Thank You for the truth of Your Word, Lord. It is always true, and I pray that I will follow it always. Amen.

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